We’re Alive!

Sooo…. It’s been 3 weeks and a day since the baby arrived. And indeed, it has been a crazy adventure. Where shall we start? Shall we start with the magical (or not so) arrival of the baby? Maybe we’ll save that for another day (since thats a story I’ll never forget) and just deal with how life has been so far.

Honestly? It’s been a mix of okay (when the baby is sleeping) and slightly mad (when the baby decides to fuss and you’re busy trying to do something else, like pump or go to the loo). So thankfully we have a confinement nanny who has been doing the night feeds and changes and everything. On the downside, I haven’t really been allowed out of the house in like forever (3 weeks) and we haven’t been alone since.. well 3 weeks ago. And for someone who needs a lot of space, it can get slightly chafing. But I’m not complaining because I don’t think we would have been able to do things like bath and change the baby and change a diaper from the onset. Oh the other downside? The food. Honestly, our confinement nanny is great when it comes to cooking. She tries to make things exciting and makes like pasta and stuff. But the fact of the matter is… the “medicinal” soups (honestly, I question their necessity) suck. Also, I don’t understand this red date drink thing. Yes i can drink some. But to tell me that it should replace water, and that I shouldn’t be drinking so much water is insane. I’m attempting to breastfeed. Water is hydration, hydration is good. Don’t be crazy. Okay rant over.

Breastfeeding. HAHAHA. What I’ve learnt over the course of three weeks is… THIS IS DIFFICULT YO. All the pictures and stories you see online of mothers who seem to do it so easily, they are either lying or SUPER lucky. And by SUPER lucky I mean they probably struck the genetic lottery. Honestly, I was never hung up about having to breastfeed. It was more of a if possible lets do it kinda thing. Well. In the hospital, we tried to breastfeed. Clearly the baby wasn’t getting nourishment. By the end of the first night we told the nurses to please supplement his food. He was much more content. The lactation consultation that the hospital provided (free for a one time visit) did help, but if my supply had not come in yet, there really isn’t anything that she can do about. Essentially it took like 4 days before I had any real supply to feed the baby with. Even then, I can barely keep up with the baby. Right now, I’m pumping just enough milk to make up one feed each time. If he decides to fuss extra (which he does all the time) we have to top up with formula. I know there are a thousand and two things people will suggest to improve your supply. Honestly, the solutions aren’t magic. AND BREASTFEEDING HURTS.

The other thing that hurts? Blocked ducts. I had a blocked duct about a week in. AND IT HURT LIKE HELL. Particularly because the only way to get rid of a blocked duct is to make sure you pump and try and empty the breast. AND TO MASSAGE IT. OMG. Holy shit, guys, please massage BEFORE you get a blocked duct. Don’t let it develop. If it does, massage in the shower, might hurt less. MIGHT.

TL:DR: Breastfeeding is difficult, and most of it comes down to whether or not you are biologically predisposed to having enormous amounts of milk. Don’t stress about it. It hurts, deal with it.

Okay, time to go pump. Till next time. Kthanksbye.