26 weeks.

So. 26 weeks. 6 and a half months. I have had so many people ask me how I am. And you know what? I definitely lucked out with this pregnancy, because┬álife has been… okay actually. Sleep has been a bit hit and miss, I don’t think I’ve managed a full nights sleep in a while, and my back has definitely been acting up, but aside from that it has been quite manageable. Oh but the stretching bump can get very uncomfortable, kinda like when you’ve eaten too much at a buffet… but about twice as bad. It’s uncomfortable guys, and every time someone tells me to eat more.. its just not possible.

I’ve actually been able to exercise more now than in this second trimester in the first. During my first trimester, I was falling asleep the moment we got home and the thought of exercising was impossible. Right now, I take walks fairly frequently (I actually really wanna go for a run outside, but because the only time I really want to do so is lunch and I think thats just too hot for my body to handle), I run on the elliptical in the gym at home along with some free weights just to keep the arms in shape and pilates about once a week. Pilates has honestly been quite a godsend for my back. I don’t stretch very much either on a regular basis or after exercising (bad i know) so being forced to stretch during pilates, under the watchful eye of an instructor is so good. I always walk away from class feeling so much better.

What else has happened in the past few weeks? Well H and I have made our first major purchases for munchkin. We’ve gone ahead to get a stroller, a playpen, a car seat and a rocker. I’ll elaborate a bit more when we actually get everything delivered? But the moral to this story was… despite the fact that my parents were with us, and we got expert advice for everything… things can get so overwhelming. I think it was even more overwhelming because we’ve read up about all these things, had so many preconceived notions. While having some background was useful, I think allowing the experts (if you have trusted ones) to guide you along and point you in the right direction is also helpful. We ended up purchasing Aprica brand stuff. Aprica is a Japanese brand that you probably will not see so many reviews of online, but in real life was really quite outstanding.

Which brings me to my next issue. Many things we read and see online are from Western moms. And whilst their experiences are likely to be very helpful, there are subtle differences be it size (Asians are IN GENERAL smaller), climate (temperate vs tropical), lifestyle (cars vs public transport etc), the list goes on and on. Don’t let what you read online dictate your decision. Honestly, seeing everything in real life and understanding H and my lifestyle really ended up dictating our purchases more than anything.

Look at me already preaching and I don’t even have a child yet. I should stop. I’m going to stop. Kthanksbye.


So here we go.

So I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and decided it might be a good idea to document my thoughts/this journey whilst it happens, if I can keep it up.

Lets back up a second. What journey? Well, for starters, I got married last year. And sometime in July this year, my husband (lets call him H shall we?) and I found out that we were expected. Que slight freak out.

Why? because i guess you could say that I’ve always been active. I used to run about 4k a day during lunch (because really its the only way to keep the work weight off) on top of regularly playing fairly competitive netball. But its the lifestyle I’ve kept for a long time now, and honestly till I stopped it all it never occurred to me how time consuming (and frankly sometimes tiring) and important to my sense of self all this exercise was.

So back to finding out. We found out I was expecting kinda towards the end of a long-ish netball season. We (namely I because really I don’t think the husband was as inclined) decided that it would be fine to just play on, but more gently (which is difficult, for me anyways). Fingers crossed, nothing happened. We made it through the season and all that.

Then came the hard part. Exercising in your first trimester. Everyone you read online has something different to say about it. Well, regardless, I wasn’t personally able to. Frankly, I as tired all the time (I’d fall asleep at 8 at night on a fairly regular basis), I wasn’t eating well (while there was no real throwing up, my stomach would churn at just about every smell imaginable) and really I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the house sometimes.

It’s been better since. I’m coming to the end of my second trimester and honestly, everything has been better. The baby has been doing alright based on tests and ultrasounds.

The lack of exercise has been frankly quite uncomfortable though. So the moment I could, I signed up for pilates class and have been trying to go once a week. I go to the gym to work on the eliptical once or twice a week. It hasn’t been the same.

So, in summary. I just want to be able to pen down some thoughts i have now and I’m sure in the future about: 1. having a kid. 2. exercising while having a kid. 3. potentially getting back into competitive sport. We shall see how it all goes. This is it for now.