Baby Weaning Essentials

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, Baby J has begun weaning. In fact. He’s happily eating solids three times a day and loves his biscuits. What have we learnt from weaning the baby? Feeding babies are messy, time consuming, and utterly troublesome sometimes. BUT it really is quite satisfying to see your child happily consuming his food.

I must say that we got very lucky with baby J because he was never a fussy baby, and doesn’t give us much trouble when it comes to food. He actually really loves his solids (so much so he usually doesn’t finish his milk anymore, it is a problem). We’ve been giving him solids for about 3 months now (he’s 8 months now) and I’ve found some items to be extremely helpful our weaning journey.

The first on my list would be the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender .

Image result for tommee tippee blender steamer

This has been a life saver. And I guess the same would apply to any other steamer/blender combi, just that we happened to purchase this one. And why has it been so helpful? Largely because it saves me so much time. I’d chop up whether vegetable/fruit/fish/meat and either individually throw it in to be steamed and blended or throw in my preferred combination and wait for it to beep. It usually takes me no longer than 15 mins to finish prepping at least 3 portions of his food (3 portions because sometimes my freezer just doesn’t have enough space). And the best part? I really only have to wash the blender, a chopping board and a knife. Compared to if I had to steam the food in a traditional manner and then blend it? Definitely neater. Plus the blending function allows me to mash his food as finely (watery purees that I now use to mix with cereal/oats) or lumpy (for regular feeding) as I wish.

I store my purees in freezable infant food containers  that I can take, thaw and feed him straight out of right now because he doesn’t eat that much (so one container is usually enough). But I’ve also recently purchased a silicon food tray with a cover that can be used to freeze food cubes. This is so that I can thaw as many cubes as I need and with as many combinations as I like. I generally don’t make food in very big batches because of the freezer space constraint, so I don’t store food for that long in the freezer, food should be consumed within 1 – 3 months.

The other important weaning essential is a baby high chair. I’m quite particular about ensuring that baby J is in a high chair when he is being fed because 1. I’m hoping to start with table manners at a really young age 2. I think he enjoys being part of our family meals. We’ve had our high chair since before he began weaning because our high chair can lie flat and we used to put him in it sometimes during meals so that he could be nearby and we could eat in peace. The highchair that we have is the Joie Mimzy 360. 

Joie Mimzy 360 DENIM

It is useful because as mentioned it can lie flat, and at several different inclines. Equally usefully, it can turn 360degrees (hence the name). Which means that we can turn it to face whichever way we want it, which is useful because we don’t always sit at the same seats when we feed him etc and the ability to just turn the chair to where we want it to face without having to lift it manually is helpful. The seat cushions are machine washable (trust me I’ve put this to the test) which is very good because as I mentioned. Feeding baby is a messy messy affair.

The only drawback to this highchair is the fact that it takes quite a bit of floor space when open compared to say the ubiquitous Ikea highchair.

Alright I better get back to more important things, like work. Oh wells. Till the next time.