Experiences of traveling in the snow. Part 1.

So. We brought our handy dandy travel stroller (the Joie Pact Lite which is a cabin sized stroller) along with us to Japan. Thinking it’ll be a great way to show baby J the world without breaking my back.

Well. Thankfully we had brought along our carrier as well. Because strollers do not mix with snow/slush and icy conditions. Basically. Living in sunny (or rainy) Singapore, we have no experience with pushing strollers in cold weather.

But now I know. It’s pretty damn impossible to push a stroller through slush. We ended up using the stroller once. In Sapporo city itself where much of the walking was below ground. And pretty much didn’t use it again. We relying almost entirely on the carrier.

Moral of the story. Find out more about the weather conditions before decoded how to move around with a baby.

Traveling with a cranky almost 1 year old.

So. We just got back from a week long holiday in cold Hokkaido with my family. And boy was it an experience.

So baby J has been cranky for a while now, largely I think cos he’s top two teeth are growing in. He’s drooling endlessly and biting just about everything. My finger and shoulder included. So. I guess I should have know, from the get go, that this trip was not going to be as easy as our last trip when he was 6 months old, to Korea.

And boy was it difficult. Baby J hates wearing clothes. All clothes. So imagine having to put several layers of clothes onto a baby that won’t lie down much less stay still. Sometimes I watch shows where people change diapers or clothes on babies and really wonder if Baby J is just a strange anomaly.

Furthermore. He’s just mastered walking. Try keeping him in the stroller or baby carrier for most part of the day. Oh good lord he was mad.

That and for some reason he decided that he really needed to be carried all the time. By me. While walking. Regardless of whether or not we were on a plane, a train, a bus, a van. I could go on and on. It was not fun times and I’m immensely sorry to the people around us.

This trip has thought me that it really does take a village. My parents were grand (geddit geddit) and baby J adores my sister. So quick lesson learnt having support is important if possible. If not. Grit your teeth, ignores the angry stares. I promise things will get better. Eventually.

More on our travels soon!