Nuna Leaf Curv

So, as mentioned before, we really did not buy that many things for the baby before he arrived. In particular, we only purchased a stroller and a playpen (as far as large items go) and we received the Nuna Leaf Curv  as a gift for the baby from one of his godmas. For those who have not seen it before, this is what it looks like.

The colour is actually a lot lighter in real life, and it looks really nice sitting in our living room, and honestly, it doesn’t look like a out of place kid item in the living room. And given how many baby things we’ve received in this past month, i’m really glad its something that i can just leave out and not be worried about it cluttering the house.

The leaf is also fairly special because you can sit in it from birth till 60kg. 60 freaking kg. That means I can sit in it as well! Not that I’ve tried. But still… Its nice to know that the option is there. Hahaha.

But anyways. About the Leaf itself.. it has this side-to-side swaying movement, there is no motor (although you can buy an add-on Nuna Leaf Wind that allows the Leaf to sway on its own) so each push lasts about… I would say about slightly more than a minute. The swaying really does calm the baby if he is fussing. But basically the Leaf has been a life saver in the sense that I can strap the baby in and either let him sleep in it whilst I settle some of my own stuff or even if he is not sleeping, he can sit in it and just look around and entertain himself. Surprisingly, he’s fairly willing to look to just sit in it and look around or at the play bar that we attached to the Leaf. It certainly frees us up and gives us time to get other things done when we’re in the living room. I can’t really speak for the baby because.. you know.. he doesn’t really talk. But the fact that he does not fuss when he is strapped into it and can actually fall asleep in it could let us make the assumption that he quite enjoys it? I hope so.

It retails for between $339 – $399 in Singapore although I’m sure you can get it for cheaper at baby fairs and such. Do i think it’s worth the fairly high price? I do actually. Largely because the baby can use it till he is a toddler and beyond. And the fact that i can strap him in, let him sway a bit and get some time for myself… That is priceless. Can I add that there is no annoying motor noise unlike some of his other toys and the motor noise really annoys me after a while. Its different from the regular bouncer/rocker that you’ll commonly find. And well. I like it. Hahaha.

K time to have lunch while the baby sleeps on in his Leaf. THANKS GODMA.


Where do I begin…

So many things I can potentially start with. So what shall we start with? Maybe the most important thing when it comes to a baby… SLEEP. So as I had mentioned before, we purchased a Joie Illusion playpen for the baby. What I had not mentioned before was that I had seen some fairly good reviews of the Cocoonababy and on a whim decided to see if i could get one.


The downside was that the Cocoonababy cost about $300.00 in Singapore. And you can only use the Cocoona till the baby can flip or turn himself over. Which is about 3 months on average. $300 for 3 months seems kinda steep, even if you think you might keep it for a subsequent child, it’s still kinda expensive.

Thankfully, a friend suggested I check on Carousell and look for a secondhand one. After scrolling through several, I managed to find one that looked to be in really good condition (no stains and all that) for $150. I didn’t feel it was necessary to negotiate for a cheaper price considering the other ones on sale were also going for about the same price (cheapest was around $80) but some had stains or were thirdhand (second hand I can deal with, third hand just feels like too much). The seller was really nice and actually brought the Cocoona to our place for us to take a look and eventually buy. Also, back story, turns out the seller stays at my parent’s condo and knows the area really well. But the Cocoona was in truly good condition and we were quite pleased.

We’ve been using the Cocoona since baby’s come home and he seems to sleep quite well in it. He seems to really enjoy being curled up in it. I won’t know if it has actually improved his quality of life considering he has never slept without it, but he sleeps well in it so… no complaints from me. We bought an addition cover for the Cocoona (the cover was actually $50 on sale at Mothercare, which is insanely expensive but oh well) and that has worked well for us so far. We just place an additional sheet on top of the cover for when he sleeps and that works because he’s such a sweaty baby. We wash the sheet everyday and the cover once a week.

Hopefully the baby will take the transition from the Cocoonababy to a mattress well. He’s starting to fuss before being put to sleep, ie wants to be carried before actually going to sleep. But sleep has not REALLY been that much of an issue for the baby. Hopefully it stays that way FOREVER. HAHA.

Alright, time to put the baby to sleep. Till the next time.

We’re Alive!

Sooo…. It’s been 3 weeks and a day since the baby arrived. And indeed, it has been a crazy adventure. Where shall we start? Shall we start with the magical (or not so) arrival of the baby? Maybe we’ll save that for another day (since thats a story I’ll never forget) and just deal with how life has been so far.

Honestly? It’s been a mix of okay (when the baby is sleeping) and slightly mad (when the baby decides to fuss and you’re busy trying to do something else, like pump or go to the loo). So thankfully we have a confinement nanny who has been doing the night feeds and changes and everything. On the downside, I haven’t really been allowed out of the house in like forever (3 weeks) and we haven’t been alone since.. well 3 weeks ago. And for someone who needs a lot of space, it can get slightly chafing. But I’m not complaining because I don’t think we would have been able to do things like bath and change the baby and change a diaper from the onset. Oh the other downside? The food. Honestly, our confinement nanny is great when it comes to cooking. She tries to make things exciting and makes like pasta and stuff. But the fact of the matter is… the “medicinal” soups (honestly, I question their necessity) suck. Also, I don’t understand this red date drink thing. Yes i can drink some. But to tell me that it should replace water, and that I shouldn’t be drinking so much water is insane. I’m attempting to breastfeed. Water is hydration, hydration is good. Don’t be crazy. Okay rant over.

Breastfeeding. HAHAHA. What I’ve learnt over the course of three weeks is… THIS IS DIFFICULT YO. All the pictures and stories you see online of mothers who seem to do it so easily, they are either lying or SUPER lucky. And by SUPER lucky I mean they probably struck the genetic lottery. Honestly, I was never hung up about having to breastfeed. It was more of a if possible lets do it kinda thing. Well. In the hospital, we tried to breastfeed. Clearly the baby wasn’t getting nourishment. By the end of the first night we told the nurses to please supplement his food. He was much more content. The lactation consultation that the hospital provided (free for a one time visit) did help, but if my supply had not come in yet, there really isn’t anything that she can do about. Essentially it took like 4 days before I had any real supply to feed the baby with. Even then, I can barely keep up with the baby. Right now, I’m pumping just enough milk to make up one feed each time. If he decides to fuss extra (which he does all the time) we have to top up with formula. I know there are a thousand and two things people will suggest to improve your supply. Honestly, the solutions aren’t magic. AND BREASTFEEDING HURTS.

The other thing that hurts? Blocked ducts. I had a blocked duct about a week in. AND IT HURT LIKE HELL. Particularly because the only way to get rid of a blocked duct is to make sure you pump and try and empty the breast. AND TO MASSAGE IT. OMG. Holy shit, guys, please massage BEFORE you get a blocked duct. Don’t let it develop. If it does, massage in the shower, might hurt less. MIGHT.

TL:DR: Breastfeeding is difficult, and most of it comes down to whether or not you are biologically predisposed to having enormous amounts of milk. Don’t stress about it. It hurts, deal with it.

Okay, time to go pump. Till next time. Kthanksbye.