Experiences of traveling in the snow. Part 1.

So. We brought our handy dandy travel stroller (the Joie Pact Lite which is a cabin sized stroller) along with us to Japan. Thinking it’ll be a great way to show baby J the world without breaking my back.

Well. Thankfully we had brought along our carrier as well. Because strollers do not mix with snow/slush and icy conditions. Basically. Living in sunny (or rainy) Singapore, we have no experience with pushing strollers in cold weather.

But now I know. It’s pretty damn impossible to push a stroller through slush. We ended up using the stroller once. In Sapporo city itself where much of the walking was below ground. And pretty much didn’t use it again. We relying almost entirely on the carrier.

Moral of the story. Find out more about the weather conditions before decoded how to move around with a baby.


Semi-Pro #4

Feeding baby medicine.

I had a friend recently ask me how I give my (almost 10 month old) very hyper baby medicine. And I realized that was a really good question. Baby J hates medicine. He hates being force-fed medicines, and it makes life just a little more difficult especially when him being sick is already making things tough.

So how do we do it? Well obviously we force him. If someone else is free to help me hold him, they have to cradle him and make sure both hands are secured so that he cannot whack the medicine away. And I will hold his cheeks so that he will open his mouth and make sure he swallows not spit out the medicines. Sounds evil. Sounds bad. But you know what. Him getting fed the medicines makes him feel better in the long run. It’s for his own good. 

So whats the tip? Don’t feel too bad about it. Remember it’s what’s good for him. And. Good luck. 

Semi-Pro Tip #3

So. We got an additional baby carrier as a spare. We sold off the Chimparoo Trek Air-O. It was a great carrier. But what I realized is that with baby carrier is that you really have to try it. With a baby. For a while. Before you can tell if it’s the right one for you.

I say this largely cos we are all so different in size, it’s very hard to say what is comfortable on someone else will be comfortable on you. 

We ended up getting a (more cost effective) spare carrier from Aprica. The Aprica Belt Colan. And we now use the Lillebaby Complete Airflow.

The Aprica is small (fits me, and I’m pretty much am average sized Asian) and extremely light. It’s even lighter than the fully cotton carriers like Tula that I’ve tried.

The Lillebaby isn’t as light. But it isn’t too big for me. 

What I’m trying to say is. Don’t buy a carrier purely based on what you read online. What might work for someone else might not work for you. See if you can borrow one to try, or rent a carrier (there are several places to do that in Singapore) and make your decision from there. 

Once you find the right one, happy carrying. But, regardless of how well it fits, if you’re anything like me. Say hello to shoulder aches. 

Semi-Pro Tip #2

Sterimar Bebe. Great for blocked noses. Because. Sick babies.

Long story short. We have a sick baby on hand and therefore. Many sleepless nights. Sterimar Bebe helps with clearing the blocked nose and generally reliving the irritation a little. Only problem? He really hates being held down. Really really hates it. Now we just need to figure that out.