H’s First Post

Sup world, the aforementioned H here and my darling wife has permitted me to share in this blog post with her. Frankly, I think she just wants to see what my thoughts are as well considering I may not always be the most sharing of husbands (Gotta act confident like a man Hoo-rah!)

So I’m going to backtrack a little since it is my first ever post. As y’all are aware, we got married in October 2015 and have been happily married since.

So…The big news is that I’m gonna be a father!! I must admit my reaction was not the most excited/teary/celebratory compared to what you usually see on youtube (partially due to her telling me when I was half asleep). But I was actually ecstatic to hear it as I always wanted to be a dad before I was 30 as I do want to keep up with my kids when they’re in their most active years. Which is also partially why I am intent on keeping fit as well.

Then came the worries that I had. Namely if I was going to be a good husband to my pregnant wife and good father to my child (whom we have taken to calling Munchkin in the interim). I wanted to make sure that she was happy, well fed and stress-free which is no mean feat considering she lives on just chocolate. How does one eat that much chocolate and stay clear of sore throats I will never know.

In all fairness, the ease of dealing with the pregnancy has been helped by her not having the nightmarish symptoms I read online like loss of appetite (urgh), fatigue (urgh) and puking (super urghhhhhh). For that I am very very thankful. She has also been really really strong and maintained her active lifestyle. With a baby. In her belly. Growing bigger by the day.

Fast forward to today. We have all our things ready today with the car seat and stroller. As a kid, I would never have considered these things cool but now, our choices seem like the bomb diggity man. Our stroller has suspension on its wheels and our car seat is looks like its part of a Autobot from Transformers. The inner nerd in me was going Naiseeeeee whilst my wife was rolling her eyes at me. I don’t really care btw haha.

Now on to the eventual wait for Munchkin and the next phase of our life.

I suspect my next post would start with “Arghhhhhh why is there so much poop!” so we’ll see. Kthanks……..