Separation Anxiety.

We’re now parents of a lovely, cheeky, naughty, whiny, annoying almost 13 months old.

And what are we experience recently? Crazy separation anxiety coupled with extremely neediness. To me. It’s insane. He refuses to go to sleep if it isn’t me. Refuses to eat if I’m not right there. Constantly needs to be near me.

Fathers out there who might be experiencing the same kind of rejection/feeling of being left out. Don’t worry. You’re not really missing out. And I mean. They are supposed to grow out of it right? RIGHT!??!?!

Having 10mins alone in the toilet has never felt so amazing.

The strange yet awesome thing is that he doesnt actually get much anxiety when we drop him off at daycare. I attribute it to him actually being quite happy there and that it’s a familiar routine for him now. Thank goodness. It makes going to work so much easier.

Okay sorry for a super random post. My brain is a bit jumbled from work and stuff.

Okay bye.