What does a baby sleep in!?

So. When we were shopping for important baby items, the first item on that list was obviously somewhere for baby to sleep. And do you know what we realised? There are essentially hundreds of different sleeping options. How in the world is a new parent supposed to decide where they want their baby to sleep? We eventually decided on one (well actually really two) options. Let me run through our thought process / elimination process to see if it makes sense yeah?

  1. Co-sleeping options (in bed).

Almost 50% of parents we’ve spoken to have warned us that we’re going to give in eventually and have the baby with us in the bed sooner rather than later. Well, I strongly resist this (pre-baby, check back with me again some other time) purely on the basis that we only have a queen size bed, and both the hubs and I roll / kick / push each other A LOT. Basically? Its not safe to put a baby in between the both of us whilst we’re rolling and punching. I know people preach about the dangers of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and I get it, but I also understand why parents do it regardless. But for us, it simply isn’t an option because there isn’t enough space.

For people who do have enough space, there are many options like the Summer Infant by Your Side sleeper that kinda makes it safer for the baby to sleep with you in bed.

Unfortunately, this option isn’t going to last a long time. The baby will outgrow it in a few months. Then its time to find another option.

2. Co-sleeper (by the bed).

I’m not going to go into the history of drop-side cribs because apparently there is some sort of huge debate about whether or not they are safe. Long story short, There are many modern drop-side cribs / bassinets that are (supposedly) safe for use. They look cool, they attach to your bed and is essentially an extension to your bed for the baby to sleep in. Whats awesome about it? Its so easy to access baby. You just have to reach out to reach the baby. Only problem? Most are bassinets or cribs and baby will outgrow it in like… no time (several months). Too bad because it honestly looks good, doesn’t take up THAT much space (which we needed cos the bedroom isn’t that big) and is so convenient.

Image result for co-sleeper cot

3. Playard (with bassinet)

So. This is eventually what we decided on. Why? Because even if the baby can only sleep in the bassinet for a few months, we can eventually just move it to the living room and use it as a regular playpen (a place to keep baby prisoner MUAHAHA). That and its portable, which suits us because we plan to have baby sleep in the same room as us for the first few months at least.

We eventually got the Joie Illusion  because it has a foldaway changer and place to store like diapers and wipes and stuff, which saves space for us and makes it easier for like late night changes. Hopefully. I’ll let you know again. hahah.

4. Crib

So we will eventually have to move baby to a crib when he outgrows the bassinet. We’re likely to get a crib that can grow with the child into a bed eventually. We haven’t actually purchased one yet, but when we do it’ll go into his own room, and hopefully we’ll be able to transition him out. HAHAH.

Okay this was a super long post. Technically, 2 more weeks till baby arrives. Its definitely countdown time. Who knows when the next post will be, but till then. Tata.


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